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Details about the Continous Updater will be put here once the Editor is released.

Profiling overlays real-time data on system and code performance.

Aspects that can currently be profiled include FPS, CPU usage and available and used RAM - as well as reporting on various system information that won't change during the running of the app such as max CPU speed, max RAM and so on.

In addition, reports and graphs can profile code performance giving a breakdown of where the application is being stressed the most and where the bottlenecks might be - whether it's the rendering, the physics, or any other subsection.

It is also relatively easy to mark your own subsections of code to be profiled, simply by bookending with start and stop calls to the profiler and then requesting profiling results - either every frame or at desired intervals.
See ContentManager and AppBuilder for the most important tools right now.

Coming soon:
  • Details on Priority Support
  • Platform Debugging: Full source code for builds & debugging: This feature make sense for companies, but professionals that want more than the 'Basic' support can also choose the Company or Ultimate subscriptions to get those features. Please be reminded that we are still early in beta and those features will become available over time.
  • How soon can you be working on your favorite target platform? In the future paying customers will get early access first.
  • Emulators (great for local debugging without having to go to the devices).
  • Advanced Optimizations.
  • Disable Obfuscation features
  • Icons
  • Splash screens
  • Device Settings
  • Ads