Artifex (GameJam 2020) Artifex (GameJam 2020)

Physics Puzzle

Artifex was created in 2 days for the Global Game Jam 2020 (more specifically the local event in Hannover - Germany). After not really working on the engine for a few years and not having a team, it was a great opportunity to see how much we could still achieve in a short time. The game is a physics puzzle where you have to move and rotate blocks in ancient greek style (columns, stone blocks, balls, triangles, etc.) to stack them as high as you can. Wind and weather condition don't make it easy, there are 3 different levels with different themes. The game was created by Kirsten Grobe-Nitschke (Art) and Benjamin Nitschke (programming) using our internal Delta Engine. The game is available for Windows and Android, but not yet released to the public. We might release it in the future, but it's not a high priority.