The Delta Engine GmbH was founded in August 2012 by Benjamin Nitschke with the mission to create a really easy way to write and convert games to any platform. The company is headquartered in Hannover, Germany. For more details see Imprint, for the use of our technology see License.

Delta Engine GmbH is a licensed developer for Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Since early 2017 Delta Engine is also involved in helping cryptocurrency projects and doing AI and robotics research.

Licensed Developer


Benjamin Nitschke: CEO, Inventor of the Delta Engine
Kirsten Grobe-Nitschke: Design, Sample Games, Lead Artist
Abir Bhattacharyya: AI Robotics Team Lead
Abdul Malik: Senior AI Programmer
Hedi Bouaoina: Robotics Hardware Lead
Alexander Fengler: Bot developer, crypto programmer and support
Netfreak: Crypto & game service support, server and IT support, crypto, hardware construction
Felix Walter: Robotics Programmer
Gerhard Posywio: Hardware and 3D Printer Support
Andreas Heinert: Game Programmer Lead
Niklas Stöwer: Game Programmer
Sandra Schörnig: Game Artist, Animation and Artworks
Lars Rohrssen: Game Programmer
Khalil Azzouz: Robotics Hardware Intern
Ala Benothmen: C# Programmer
Jawad Mohammed Abdulridha: C# Programmer

DeltaEngine Alumni (2012-2014)
Hendrik Müller: Tools Programmer
Stefan Pölz: Editor Programmer
Ira Lardšnajder: Content Service
Enrico Cieslik: Senior Programmer
Merlin Osayimwen: Compiler Programmer
Arturo Cepeda: iOS & Android
Phil Godfrey: Game Programmer
Carlos Torija Archilla: Support Programmer
Joey Bresseleers: Tools Programmer
Benedict Agthe: Sample Games
Alitet Sanchez: C++ Support
Joao Cardoso: C++ Intern
Lars Krumwiede: Java, C++ Conversion
Kristina Warich: Office Management
Imke Holtz: Team Management
Janina Gerards: Art Lead
Flavio Damasco: Game Design
Michele Giacalone: Platform Programming
Melanie Schneider: Junior Artist
Vivek Vardhan: Game Design/Code
Kerstin Bühler: Junior Artist
Kai Hörster: Editor Team Intern

In addition we like to thank following community contributors:

Marcel Friedrichs: Frameworks Integration and Research
Internetfreak: Tutorials, Translation, Forum Support
Amer Koleci: Graphics Programmer
Bfox: Russian Support

exDream (defunct 2016) and MobileBits (defunct 2020) Alumni (mostly around 2009)
Benjamin Nitschke: Founder, All Coding in the early years
Boje Holtz: Founder, Game Design, Management
Leif Griga: Founder, Lead Design, Art
Karsten Wysk: Founder, Management
Enrico Cieslik: Senior Programmer
Christoph Rienäcker: Senior Artist
Tina Heitmann: Artist
Lukas Köhne: Artist
Kevin Kotthaus: Artist
Kirsten Grobe: Artist and Scrum Master
Nikolai Pfaff: Programmer
Michael Matzen: Programmer
Heiko Schmitt: Senior Programmer
Nils Ohlig: Programmer
Arne Lechlein: Programmer
Marcel Friedrichs: Junior Programmer
Benedict Agthe: Junior Programmer

Even if your expertise is not in the list, but you think you can be a great addition to our team, apply at:
We aim to provide the best and most fun job opportunities for C# AI/Robotics/Game Developers in Germany. We will answer quickly :)
Please send a short email with some work you are proud of (1-2 source code files are mandatory for programmers, if possible with tests & TDD). 

Open Positions

Check our LinkedIn page for open jobs
We are always on the lookout for:
  • Highly talented TDD C# Developers working with us in general (AI, Robotics, Games)
  • Compiler Engineers to work on our Strict programming language
  • Blockchain experts continuing to work on existing complex projects (C#, Solana, Smart Programming)