Towers (Tower Defence 2015-2019) Towers (Tower Defence 2015-2019)

Tower Defence and RTS Game

Towers Towers was originally thought to be a replacement for the sample games we had at the end of the Delta Engine development (which stopped early 2014 as we lost our team, investors and pretty much everything). The idea was to combine elements to create new buildings and units to fight of enemies in a tower defence kind of game, but it evolved into a more fun RTS game. However due to having not much time to complete it and trying to stay alife with contract work, we only worked on it from time to time.

We implemented hand gestures for a Intel prototype back in 2015:

The game eventually became Torins Towers in 2022, but changed due to having a different development team. Torins Towers was released in early 2023, the team left us and the game is not longer actively developed, we are proud that it is released on iOS, Android and Steam (PC, Mac, Linux), but we are not really fans of maintaining it as it was the first game in 10 years not done with our internal tech.

We are continuing our original idea with Elemental RTS in 2024!