Some of the games developed already with help of the Delta Engine: Read More ... Play in Browser ...

Sample Browser

Build into the Visual Studio Editor to quickly grab any publicly available content project. Of course you can also check out all the information here on this website, start with the Starter Kits.
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All released public apps

The above list shows all public content projects that seem finished (i.e. have game icon set and are building for at least one platform). Private apps are not listed anywhere and only visible to the owners.

There is the very simple LogoApp  and the Tutorials to get started as well as slightly more complex games, such as arcade classics like Asteroids and Blocks or the RTS game GhostWars , allowing to learn using the Delta Engine by studying real-world implementations.

The Starter Kits are sample games of different genres, aiming to provide you an easy access to the Delta Engine. Use them as templates to quickly create games or other applications. As the engine grows more powerful, the list of Starter Kits is going to grow as well. You can use any of the above projects as your starter kit (at least for content, check the source repository if the code is public as well).