How to use the App Builder to deploy and run your apps

The App Builder is the tool in the Editor which allows you to build, deploy and launch an app on the wished platform device.

To do so you just need to make sure that the wished project is set in the Editor and that your code solution path is correctly set. After just selecting the wished platform and the device you can click on "Build & Launch" which will start building the app.

While the building process the App Builder will show you warnings and errors in the build messages list if there are some. When the build process is done the app will automatically deployed and launched as long as there are no build errors during the build process.

Everytime you build an app your "Built Apps" list will fill up so you can easily relaunch or even rebuild them.

App Builder Video

An early explanation video about the App Builder (from Milestone 3, we will update it soon in Milestone 5).