A clone of the classic game Tetris, this is all about arranging the falling blocks to complete horizontal rows so that they vanish and don't fill up the whole area in height. This game has been around since the very first month we started this company. It was written and updated many times by Phil Godfrey and Kirsten-Grobe-Nitschke.

Modding Blocks

The Blocks app supports ' modding ' or ' skinning '. That means being able to change the look and feel of the game at runtime  Currently there are two looks that Blocks can have: FruitBlocks and JewelBlocks. Each has its own set of content in the Content directory - distinguished by prefix.
If you wanted to personalize the look of Blocks for yourself, you could of course do what can be done for any app - create a clone of the project using the Editor and then replace the existing Content with your own. However, with Blocks there is also the option to add a new 'skin'.
To create a third skin you'd need to make a small code change. Inside the Blocks project there are two small classes called FruitBlocksContent and JewelBlocksContent. You would want to create a third such BlocksContent class - let's call it PizzaBlocksContent. The class would look like this:

public class PizzaBlocksContent : BlocksContent
   public PizzaBlocksContent()
   : base('PizzaBlocks_') {}
Then in the MainMenu class you could set the BlocksContent property to a new instance of PizzaBlocksContent.

The final thing would be to add a new set of content to the Content Manager all prefixed with 'PizzaBlocks_' - so you would add items called 'PizzaBlocks_Block1', 'PizzaBlocks_Grid', 'PizzaBlocks_Background', 'PizzaBlocks_BlockAffixed' and so on.
Now, on running Blocks, it should be running with all your new graphics and sound effects!
You can also change some gameplay settings when you create your new BlocksContent class. There are three behaviors you can choose between:

  • Do blocks split in half when the row is full? FruitBlocks blocks split whereas JewelBlocks blocks don't. Note that if you choose that your blocks will split, you have to include the extra content such as 'PizzaBlocks_Block1_Top' etc.
  • Are five brick blocks allowed? Some people like the extra challenge of five brick blocks whereas some are more traditionalist :)
  • Do blocks start in a random column? If not the new incoming block always appears in the center

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