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What is the Delta Engine?

The Delta Engine is an open source application engine and free to use on PC. It allows to write 2D and 3D applications or games very quickly and easily with Visual Studio in .NET and our Editor. Via our cloud services the Delta Engine can convert between C#, C++, Objective-C, Java and JavaScript to bring your apps to other platforms (Android, iOS, WP, W8, HTML5).

Clean Code, Tutorials, 100% Code Coverage and our cloud approach allows easy coding, sharing and collaboration. Why not try it out yourself in the browser or download the full thing and give it a try. Version 1.0 is released when all features and major platforms are done and we have finished one project with it (current plan is Q3 2015).

The next version will be released in Q3 2015, only early 2014 build available right now.


Latest game using the Delta Engine: SoulCraft 2

Showcase games

Several full fetched games have been developed with the Delta Engine. SoulCraft, SoulCraft 2, Heroes of Soulcraft (Android, iPhone, iPad, Amazon, Ouya, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8) and Arena Wars (PC) are some examples. An earlier version of the engine has been used in big open source game projects as well: Rocket Commander and XNA Racing Game. You can also find smaller titles in our Starter Kits games list. In addition some business apps also have been developed recently, drop us an email if you are interested.

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Supports many platforms

The Delta Engine supports many platforms like Windows, Windows PhoneAndroid, Android Tablets and Web

Our current focus is to make creation of apps and games as easy as possible in Windows within Visual Studio and targeting all PC platforms (all Windows versions, Linux Ubuntu and MacOS X) plus Web and Android. The other platforms are working in older versions as well, but are currently not in our nightly builds.

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App Builder

The App Builder is the tool in the Editor which allows you to build, deploy and launch an app on the wished platform device.

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Open source

The Delta Engine is community driven, but also backed up by the Delta Engine company to provide great services for cheap prices. You can easily check out how stuff works and use our many unit tests to test our different features. 

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Open Source


Clean Code

Clean code

Checkout the code for yourself at GitHub, Codeplex or just download
the installer!

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Starter Kits

Starter Kits are sample games of different genres, aiming to provide an easy access to the Delta Engine. 

Use them as templates to quickly create games or other applications. 

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Starter Kits



Works in HTML5

Just try it out in your browser


Free to use for windows builds

Just a few $ to unlock extra features: Pricing.  



The Editor is currently under development.



These tutorials provide hands-on solutions.

Help and Support

Help and Support

Help is just a click away. Browse through the FAQ page and use the forum to receive help directly from the developers and community members. 


Tell us your ideas

Click on light bulb Light Bulb on the right top corner to tell us what we should add next.


Editor Components Feature Overview

Components Features Overview




Supported Input Languages and Frameworks

For details see our Supported Frameworks page and ask in the Forum for early access and help.